Abit About Myself and The Little Art Party....


"The Little Art Party was created by myself, Amy.

Last year, 2010, I had a desire to share my artistic skills to others.

I started Paint Your Own Bags and eventually face painting at the events held at a local indoor play centre where I worked.

I really enjoyed encouraging the kids to get creative and so I decided early 2011 I wanted to try and work for a school to encourage more to tap into their creative side. Amazingly only a week latter of coming to this conclusion a local school got in touch and offered me a job for 2 terms. I taught years 1 to 2 for the first hour, years 4 to 6 for the second hour and then the third was for a after school club where I helped a group of children, ranging from years 1 to 6 to design and create a wall painting.I was sad when I had to leave the school and so I kept looking for more work available.

Unfortunately looking for a similar vacancy is very hard to come by these days and so I took matters in my own hands and created The Little Art Party. If I can't teach children art at schools then maybe, I thought, I could teach them at children’s parties. Not only will I be able to encourage others to have a go at art, the children will be able to take home something that they made for themselves and so remember the party for many years to come.

The last few months The Little Art Party has had it's ups and downs like any bussiness in the current climet but I am very pleased to say it has grown in popularity to the exstent I have now been asked to set up a Art Sesssions at one of the biggest hotels in the area as well as holding a traditional Games Party with it's own mini disco.
My hopes is that T.L.A.P. will keep growing and developing.

 "The Little Art Party maybe only small but I hope it will leave a big impression!" -Amy