After A Traditional Party With Games, Mini Disco And Prizes But Can't Bare To Do It Yourself? 

No Worries,

The Little Art Party Is Here To Help You Create The Perfect Party!

Please look below For What your party could include...



 Photo by Stuart Miles

Little Games Party!

Ideal For All Ages, Your Party Will Include:

*Pass the Parcel (10 wraps, prizes in-between,  larger prize in middle) 

*Stick The Wart On The Gruffalo (Prize for winner)

*Musical Statues (Prize for winner)

*Mini Disco (Music Man, Conga, Agadoo, Hokey Pokey & of course Super Man!)

Don't know the moves? No worries, I do! No excuses, adults can join in too!

*Grand Prize for the best dancers (prize for 1 girl & 1 boy)

+ Pens and paper set up just incase a few of the children get tiered and want to sit down.

& bubbles will be provided.


Any Age Limits? Of course not, you are never too old to hold a traditional party. The Little Art Party could even catter for weddings!

Time Limits? Nope! The Little Art Party is very proud to be different from other party entertainers and will stay for the whole duration of the party AT NO EXTRA COST!

I have a party coming up at my hotel/camp site and wonder if you can you catter for my guests? Of course! The Little Games Party and Mini Disco is a perfect package that can attapt for any occasion. I am experianced at entertaining guests over at one of the largest hotels in the local area.

Is There A Mileage Charge? Any party outside a 15 mile radious from St.Ives, Cornwall will be charged 50p for each extra mile.